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A community for INFJs to connect and feel seen, heard and understood.

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INFJ Community

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INFJ Community

Founded by an INFJ, Sarah Kuhn, on a mission to make sure every INFJ feels like they are not alone in this world. I want every INFJ to have a deep understanding of who they are and to feel empowered to accomplish their hopes and dreams!

I have had a problem making friends and connecting with people for my whole life. I really didn't think there was anyone out there who would understand me. And then I had the idea for this group and it's exactly what has been missing my whole life.

As INFJs we are different from a lot of other people. We have different interests and like to talk about deep things that scare a lot of people off. We spend all of our time focused on making everyone else comfortable at the expense of what we want and need. 

A lot of us, like myself, struggle to make friends throughout our whole lives simply because there aren't that many people like us. We've never had a place where we could all come together and just be ourselves. Until now. 

This is a place where INFJs come to connect with people just like you who understand who you are before you even set started talking to them. You can be yourself without fear of judgment or misunderstanding. You can talk about your quirks and your fears and your problems. We are all here to help and support each other. 

We are also here to share our hopes and dreams! We talk about the meaning of life and intuition and the latest book we read that we think everyone should read! It's an amazing place that if you are an INFJ you really need to be a part of it! 

Here is what people are saying about being a part of this community: 

This community is very "embracing." Like a warm hug after a long journey away from home.

It feels like I've found my habitable zone, though most of the time I chose to remain the observer. It's like I don't have to prove anything to anyone, my mere existence will not be questioned, and I won't have to explain anything as if it were rocket science.

It feels like you knocked and the door opens. You’re surrounded by people who say “me too” or “I understand”. While hearing this, you feel all the tension and hardness from the world melt away. You breathe a sigh of relief, walk through the door, and watch it shut on the rest of the world for the time being.

I am beginning to see glimmers of hope that I am capable of engaging with people the way I want to - not just the way I “should”. This feeling of somehow being connected and maybe even understood without being judged has been a breath of fresh air. Thank you for facilitating more openness and a safe environment.

Come and join the community! We are excited to get to know you and learn about you! In fact, we've been waiting for you!

About Me

Hi there! I'm Sarah Kuhn, the INFJ Woman. I have a blog (INFJWoman.com) and a podcast (The Quiet Ones) all about INFJs. 

I live in Boston, MA, though I grew up in the midwest. Sorry, no accent yet, but I'm working on it! It'll be wicked awesome I'm sure! 

In my free time, I like writing, social media, Netflix, my bed, and snacks. 

Come for a while and try it out! It's an amazing place and I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

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